Measure M: Rent Control for Santa Cruz

Measure M: Rent Control for Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Renters Need Protection From Skyrocketing Rents

Renters make up 57% of city residents. Many  have lived here for decades, investing in the community and economy, and in their landlords’ properties, but are in danger of being pushed out by skyrocketing rents.

Rent Control: It’s Fair And It Works

According to a recent poll, 60% of California voters support rent control. Measure M, like other rent control laws, guarantees landlords fair return on investment while protecting renters and stabilizing the community. Measure M will prevent exploitive rent hikes & arbitrary evictions, and establish a democratically elected rent board to bring due process to the landlord-tenant relationship.

Measure M Will Stabilize Our Community By Keeping Our Neighbors In Their Homes

Each year since the 1990s, more working people have been forced out of their homes and our town. Kids have to leave their schools, teachers and service workers can’t afford to live here. Measure M will extend Just Cause Eviction protection to every renter in Santa Cruz and will stabilize rent for roughly 12,000 renters.

Rent Control & Just Cause Eviction Protections Are A Key First Step In Solving The Housing Crisis

The affordable housing deficit is huge and will take time to correct. Current projects are too little, too late, and not focused enough on affordability. Rent Control keeps people in their homes nowwhile we work on long term solutions.

Want to learn more?

Here’s a summary of what Measure M would do, and here is a detailed FAQ with sources.

Measure M is endorsed by tenants, homeowners, community organization and landlords who have joined together to stop the displacement caused by the housing crisis.

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