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Rent control will keep our community together

June 22, 2018

I became involved in the movement for housing justice because my rent has been going up 9% for each of the past four years. I have lived on the same property for 26 years and virtually no improvements have been made beyond the most basic safety repairs. The property is owned by an out of town landlo...

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Barbara’s Story

“I feel pretty strongly about what a good idea rent control is. I had an experience when I was a young mother when I was in an apartment building with six units and a developer bought the building and gave us all eviction notices immediately (it wasn’t here in Santa Cruz). I was just devasted becaus...

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Viveka’s Story

When I was 19, I became disabled from living in a moldy apartment. I didn't complain or break my lease because I didn't want to be branded a problem tenant. It seemed impossible to find anywhere affordable near my university. I had no idea I could fight for my rights as a tenant. So I stayed until m...

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Working Families & Teachers Need Rent Contol

In our school district our enrollment is declining every year. There are fewer and fewer students which clearly means fewer resources. It means lost finances from the state and federal government. Declining enrollment is not good for a school, but families can't afford to live in Santa Cruz anymore....

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We Did It!

June 6, 2018

We needed 5,700 to get our Rent Control and Tenant Protection Act on the ballot.... and we collected 10,791! We started this campaign because we believe that the wealth of this community lies in its low and middle income workers. With its students, its elderly and disabled folks, and its queer and...

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