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How will renter protections affect our community?

Renter protections will make it easier for the 57% of people living in Santa Cruz who are renters [12] to grow roots here.  Stabilizing renters is key for creating a healthy community.  People with a stable housing situation experience significantly less stress and are more willing and able to contr...

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How is a rent freeze different from rent control?

Santa Cruz passed two temporary emergency ordinances in February 2018 limiting rent increases to some renters and providing Just Cause protections more generally, which expire with the outcome of the vote on this ballot measure.  The protections under these ordinances are similar to, but not as robu...

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Which other cities in California have rent control?

Currently, nineteen cities have some form of rent control or Just Cause eviction protection: Berkeley, Beverly Hills, East Palo Alto, Emeryville, Glendale, Hayward, Los Angeles, Maywood, Mountain View, Oakland, Palm Springs, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Jose, Thousand Oaks,...

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What is Costa-Hawkins and how does it affect rent control?

The 1995 Costa-Hawkins Law, which was authored, funded, and continues to be defended by the real estate industry, has greatly limited the scope, fairness and success of local rent control efforts in California, weakening the positive economic effects of rent control.  This top-down state law has dis...

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How many renters will be helped by these renter protections?

A rough estimate is that 34,000 people will benefit from some or all of these protections, a huge effect on a city of more than 60,000.  Current state law, the Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995, a California state law supported by developers and landlords, limits rent control to multi-unit properties built...

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What has led to the current housing crisis?

The origins of this crisis can be traced to policy failures on federal, state and local levels that have consistently eliminated housing programs and subsidies since the 1980s.  Cities and counties like Santa Cruz have failed to respond to these changes and are now facing the cumulative effects of t...

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Why does Santa Cruz need rent control now?

While there is no simple fix to the housing crisis in Santa Cruz, rent control is the only policy solution available that offers immediate and lasting relief to renters who have the greatest need for protection.  Santa Cruz is now the least affordable housing market in the United States [7], due to...

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How will rent increases work?

Regular rent increases will be permitted, but they will be limited to the change in the Consumer Price Index for the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose region), which measures inflation by the changes in the cost of goods and services for households in the region.  This rate of i...

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