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Will I be able to manage my property?

Yes.  The Just Cause provisions of this measure were crafted to ensure a process that protects both parties.  Landlords are expected to create a proper lease, issue three-day notices to cure lease violations, maintain proper documentation, escalate to unlawful detainers to end tenancy, and give subs...

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Will this law prevent me from making a profit?

No.  It is in fact illegal for the government to make your financial investment unprofitable to operate.  Measure M employs the legally-recognized Maintenance of Net Operating Income (MNOI) standard to guarantee property owners a fair rate of return.  This formula ties profits of landlords of contro...

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How is relocation assistance determined?

The base amount of relocation assistance is calculated as six times the current Fair Market Rent for a similar rental unit in Santa Cruz County, as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and in the case of Qualified Tenants, seven times the current Fair Market Rent.  Fai...

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What triggers relocation assistance?

Landlords are required to pay tenants six months’ worth of the Fair Market Rent as calculated by US HUD for the unit, upon eviction under the following circumstances: When being evicted because a landlord chooses to vacate an unpermitted unit When being evicted because a landlord intends to...

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Why do tenants need relocation assistance?

Landlords are required to pay relocation assistance when an eviction happens through no fault of the renter, yet is considered a ‘just cause’ for eviction.  When tenants are evicted from their homes in the current rental market, the relocation costs are substantial. Tenants are often required to pay...

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