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Will renter protections slow investment in housing?

In a city as attractive as Santa Cruz, this is very unlikely.  Several studies show that rent control and just cause eviction policies do not impact development in any substantive way.  Cities such as Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Mountain View have not seen slowed growth since rent control was impleme...

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Will I be able to sell my property?

Yes, absolutely – rent control in no way prevents owners from selling properties they own.   However, the new owners would be bound to honor an existing lease on the property. In the current real estate market in Santa Cruz, where prices are at an all-time high, many homeowners are tempted to sell,...

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Will rent control create more affordable housing?

No, the purpose of rent control is to limit price increases on existing rentals, in order to keep people in their homes right now.  The lack of affordable housing supply in Santa Cruz is an ongoing issue that can only be remedied using other long-term measures, such as new construction (especially l...

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Will rent control make the housing crisis “worse”?

Average rents in Santa Cruz have already climbed 52% in the past four years, and currently there are almost no lasting protections against further price increases or displacement.  Rent control will help alleviate the housing crisis by permitting current residents to remain in their rental propertie...

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Will this law allow tenants to sublease to anyone they want?

No.  Subletting is only permitted to the extent that a property lease permits or restricts it, and tenants must obtain the landlord's approval of an applicant, before subleasing to people other than family.  A sublessee will be granted the same protections as the leased tenants once the landlord giv...

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Can I evict difficult tenants?

Yes, as long as you can provide just cause for the eviction.  Landlords will retain the right to evict a problem tenant for valid and reasonable causes, including failure to pay rent, breach of lease, creating a nuisance, use of rental unit for illegal purposes, failure to give access, refusal to ex...

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